Why Choose the Niche Travel Group?

Why Niche? Looking to book that milestone vacation and finding the details overwhelming?
Why Niche? Tired of knowing more about a luxury destination than your travel agent?
Why Niche? In need of expertise and personal recommendations for that complicated three-country itinerary?
Why Niche? Looking for a more enjoyable travel experience from start to finish?
Why Niche? Longing to hear "It is handled, have a wonderful trip!"
Why Niche? If you are tired of sitting on hold with a 1-800 number for that $10,000 vacation, then hang up and contact us!

The Niche Travel Group was created to bring you a one-stop shop of travel specialists who are experts in a particular travel "niche". Our mission is to enrich your life one vacation at a time...and with so many different and wonderful destinations to choose from, we're here to help design an adventure that's right for you.

Are you dreaming of a Caribbean holiday or a wine tour in Europe? Perhaps you envision a cruise through Alaska or taking the family to the Magic Kingdom of Disney. From the game plains of Africa, Hawaiian holidays or seeing medieval castles on a European river cruise; our experts know your specialty destination inside and out, backward and forwards.

How? We are world travellers. We have travelled our particular "niche" multiple times and we're here to help you navigate through all the decisions (and find the hidden gems). We have breathed the air, soaked in the surroundings and sights, tasted the local fare and experienced the destination fully...now it's your turn. We want to share our expertise and ensure that you get the most out of that long-awaited dream vacation.

You deserve to work with an agent who is in the know and in town - not at the other end of a 1-800 number.

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We're not just travel agents...we're world travellers!

Founded by Faith Sproule of Dartmouth Travel, The Niche Travel Group was created to fill a void in the storefront travel market. As a Hawaii, Romance, Safaris & Weddings expert herself, Faith sought after the best and brightest, like-minded agents to bring you experienced global coverage from home.

Like you, the team at Niche believe that no amount of reading reviews online is a substitute for travel. Having experience on the road less-traveled makes a world of difference. Click on your destination picture below to start the conversation with your Niche agent today.

Select your next adventure below and meet the expert who will help.

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