Yacht Cruising for less

Nothing says Luxury like a bespoke small ship sailing on a private yacht. 

Imagine being immersed in the sights, sounds, and tastes of small towns in Europe, the Caribbean or more exotic locations.  With a very limited number of guests onboard there is privacy, an intimate ambiance, and personal connections made with fellow travelers and crew.

Our clients rave about the fine cuisine, indulgent service, and the experience of venturing deep into the heart of more remote destinations.

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We found sailings with more than $1000 in Air Credits per person and incredible Early Bird Specials.   Yes, you can sail on a Yacht for $5445 CAD per person,  some sailings have airfare included !

Small ship sailing is right for you if you are an experiential traveler who enjoys immersing themselves in the culture of a smaller area. Do you love trying new foods and meeting people from the region you are visiting?  If you are ready to feel enlightened and inspired then small ship sailing is for you !  You will love being able to walk off the ship into town to do your own thing.  Most of the yachts have a water sports platform off the back that allows you to kayak, paddle board, or lounge in the sun — something else the bigger ships don’t offer.

Small ship sailing is just as much about the destinations reached as it is the superior quality and atmosphere onboard.  One expert says “The number one reason to choose a small ship sailing is the uniqueness of the many destinations. Small ships can go places large ships can’t, and with that you’re discovering hidden gems instead of well-worn destinations that all of your friends have already been to. It makes you look like quite an adventurer.”

You can walk off the ship and are in the heart of town to enjoy a free walking tour each day to learn about the history and culture of the place, after which you have several hours to explore the place on your own. You will interact with the locals, sample the local food and drink, and come away feeling like you got to experience and touch a place, and not just tour through it without having any intimate experiences. River cruises do the same by sailing in the smaller waterways of Europe focusing on a particular area.”

These days, there are opportunities to embark on a small ship experience in Europe, the Holy Land, Asia and Japan, or journey on expeditions to far-flung places like the Artic, Antarctica, the Baltics & Fjords, the Northwest Passage, Greenland, Iceland, or Polynesia and the Pacific Islands.

Scenic Group, which encompasses Emerald Cruises and Scenic Luxury Cruises, includes award-winning, intimate river and ocean cruises that take guests to many of the world’s most fascinating destinations covering all seven continents.

With only up to 228 guests, Scenic’s world-class, custom-built ships enable unique access to small ports by river or sea. You can enjoy an extensive range of truly all-inclusive luxury, while immersive experiences await on shore with handcrafted Scenic Freechoice activities and exclusive Scenic Enrich events. On Scenic Eclipse ultra-luxury voyages, exploration is enhanced by an expert Discovery Team, who lead fascinating discoveries in remote landscapes.

Emerald Cruises launched Emerald Azzurra in March 2022 – a 100-guest luxury yacht that sails the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Caribbean; followed in 2023 by its sister, Emerald Sakara. 

We look forward to sending you somewhere wonderful and exotic this year.  This is the year to try a small ship experience, it’s our favourite way to travel.

Your Niche Travel Group Team