7 Ways to Improve your inflight experience

We want you to have a great holiday and the flight is everyone’s least favourite part.  To help out we have a few of our tried and true tips for you.

7 Ways to Improve Your In-Flight Experience

 From foot-kicking neighbors to an overly-talkative seatmate, it’s always a gamble when you step aboard an aircraft. Flying can be exhilarating, stressful, and downright boring at times. 

We have a few simple tips to ease the burden when you take to the skies and possibly even make your travels downright enjoyable!

Prioritize Comfort

Sure, you may want to step off the plane in Paris looking fabulous in your jeans or new dress – but you don’t want to sit for an extended period in them. Think comfort and ease, whether it’s your favorite wrinkle-free trousers, yoga pants, or cozy t-shirt. Don’t discount comfortable footwear either. It’s very common to retain water weight on planes, puffing up in the ankles and feet, so sneakers or flat footwear with some room are best.  

Don’t forget to layer! Consider the air-conditioning of the airplane, and then sunshine at your arrival destination. If they’re vastly different, pack a spare outfit in your carry-on to change into prior to landing. 

Set the Mood – For Sleep

If you’re on an overnight flight, increase the odds of getting some shut-eye with a good sleep mask, neck pillow, and earplugs.  Always bring a large but thin blanket scarf, which in a pinch can be used as a pillow or a blanket. 

Pack Provisions

Don’t arrive Hangry 🙂 Bringing extra snacks means you’re not at the mercy of the busy flight attendants, and you can stay satiated (and hydrated) on your own timeline. This will also keep the impulse Pringle purchases to a minimum, saving both your credit card and your sodium levels.  Pick up a Tupperware container perfect for a primary school kid and pack yourself a picnic lunch with delicious and nutritious snacks and take your time enjoying it, especially on a longer flight.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

And I’m not talking about drinking water. Bring a small moisturizer and good chapstick for your lips and the inside of your nose. Airplanes are notoriously dry, and with the decreased blood flow thanks to your 30,000 ft altitude, your skin will suffer. One of my personal favorites is the mini bottles of Evian facial spray, for a quick and refreshing pick-me-up mist.

Listen Up

Bring your own headphones, not only to be able to connect to the inflight movies (if your headphones are still compatible with the in-seat port) but to fend off chatty neighbors. Are the headphones even plugged into anything? Only you know, but it sends a clear message that you’re not available for conversation. TIP : The noise cancelling feature is a wonderful added perk and you may sleep like a baby.

Hang that Tablet

Don’t spend 5 hours holding your phone or kinking your neck staring down for an entire flight. Invest in a lightweight plastic frame or good tablet/Ipad cover that hangs on the seat in front of you. Remember to download a few of your favourite shows so you are ready to go, no internet required.

Splurge or Bid for an Upgrade

How long has it been since your last big vacation? This may be the year to spend the extra $100 each way for seats with more legroom or Premium Economy or better yet Executive Class.

It may be less expensive than you think, especially to Mexico and the Caribbean.

We have had quite a few clients have great success booking Premium Economy with Air Canada and bidding for Executive

Ask us how 🙂