Why Niche Travel Group?

The Niche Travel Group was created to bring you a one-stop shop of travel specialists who are experts in a particular travel “niche”.  Our mission is to enrich your life one vacation at a time…and with so many different and wonderful destinations to choose from, we’re here to help design an adventure that’s right for you.

Are you dreaming of a Caribbean holiday or a wine tour in Europe?  Perhaps you envision a cruise thorough Alaska or taking the family to the Magic Kingdom of Disney.  From the game plains of Africa, Hawaiian holidays or seeing medieval castles on a European river cruise; our experts know your specialty destination inside and out, backwards and forwards.

How? We are world travellers. We have travelled our particular “niche” multiple times and we’re here to help you navigate through all the decisions (and find the hidden gems).  We have breathed the air, soaked in the surroundings and sights, tasted the local fare and experienced the destination fully…now it’s your turn. We want to share our expertise and ensure that you get the most out of that long-awaited dream vacation.

You deserve to work with an agent who is in the know and in town – not at the other end of a 1-800 number.

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Recent reviews…

“Niche Travel Group booked our destination wedding (for almost 50 people!) and the experience of booking through them was the best, bar none!”

“We received your personal note when we arrived, thank you!! What a lovely touch to welcome us.”

“Our agent was travel agent, wedding planner and calmer of nerves all rolled into one. The resort wedding planner was less than helpful and our Niche Travel Group agent was there to assist every step of the way…going above and beyond, again and again. We used to book online for trips, but I can guarantee I won’t book anywhere but with Niche Travel Group again for all our travel.”

“We have booked every trip with Niche Travel Group (most notably our wedding!) since 2005 and they have never let us down. Our agent’s experience and excellent customer service are what keep us coming back to her, as well as recommending Niche Travel Group to everyone we know. You are truly the best at what you do.”

“Keep up the amazing work. Love ya Niche Travel Group!!!!!”

“Thank you for the lovely room in the building we had requested…we were treated so nicely and were offered special breakfasts, dinners and complimentary bottle of Rum in our room on the 2nd day!”

“Hiring Nice Travel Group not only worked to make the trip amazing, but to make our wedding day amazing as well. We had a wedding planner who actually really cared about our day (thrown in for free). We used to book online for trips, but I can guarantee I won’t book anywhere but with Nice Travel Group again for all our travel.”